There should be no questions on what you will receive.

All plans ordered will be delivered as digital files in Adobe PDF format. Here is what you will receive:

1. License Agreement

The License Agreement grants you “permission” to use the accompanied Construction Documents to build the home detailed within the Construction Documents a total of one time.* This agreement will also include detailed printing instructions.

2. Construction Documents

These are large detailed drawings or “blueprints” you will need to secure bids from contractors and building permits for construction. These files will contain scaled drawings and details in PDF format. You can email these to prospective builders for bids, print small copies from your own printer or send them to a large format print shop like Kinko’s.

* Multi-use licenses are available upon request. Plans cannot be re-sold.

Included drawings will vary, but you should see something like this:
  • Foundation Plan

    The Foundation Plan will indicate the general design layout of the foundation with dimensions. The foundation plan will show a slab, crawl space, footings, posts and beams and/or basement walls.

  • Floor Plan(s)

    The Floor Plans will indicate the overall building layout as seen from above. It will show locations of rooms, walls, doors, windows, plumbing and mechanical equipment and fixtures and exterior spaces. The floor plans will show dimensions and and notes. Most may include door and window schedules, and material callouts.

  • Roof Plan

    The Roof Plan will detail the layout of the roof and its materials. It will include depictions of ridge, valley and hip lines. The Roof Plan may also indicate the roof surface slope, with details for drainage. Roof Plans may also include chimney and other decorative roof element locations.

  • Electrical Plan(s)

    The Electrical Plan is an electrical schematic indicating the location of lighting fixtures, switches and outlets, showing lighting design intent and layout.

  • Exterior Elevations

    The Exterior Elevation sheets contain two-dimensional detail drawings of the home from each side. Each elevation drawing will indicate the exterior materials used for the home and should clearly depict the overall style of the home.

  • Building Sections

    Building Sections are basically a sliced “cut-away” view of the house that show spaces and material locations. The section will show the relationship between the ground and the home and its materials.

  • Other Details

    Other details may include interior elevations, construction detailing on how to build or connect construction material members, cabinet elevations and other detailed drawings specific to the home.

Important! Although our plans can be built “as is” in most places, your local building department may have specific requirements. Some of these requirements, including structural engineering, soils reports and energy efficiency calculations may require significant additional investments. Please consult with your local building official to determine what you will need to secure a building permit.