Simple Plans Team

Fueled by a passion to create awesome houseplans

I am Brandon Ellett and I am the Plan Designer at Simple Plans. I have been designing homes since 1999. Specializing in simplifying your home design process. Having designed hundreds of homes all over the globe, from small single room cottages to massive compound estates, taking in several styles and material selections. My homes have been featured in several magazines and one was even featured on MTV cribs.
My personal style tends to sway toward the simple modern mountain homes. Using elements of steel, glass, concrete, stone and exposed wood. Making use of solar, wind, and geo-thermal energy with minimal impact and conforming to existing terrain. I am very easy going, some say I am a good communicator and my kids call me Captain Awesome. I have a beautiful wife, four kids and two dogs. I love to travel and enjoy being outdoors.
Our team has seen many changes over the years, and I remain the one constant. Currently I am a one man show so I wear many hats at this company. By the way thanks for stopping bye I look forward to working with you on your next project. – Brandon



Lead Designer

Yes I am a lucky guy. I have a beautiful wife,beautiful family and beautiful life. My passions are family, design and innovation. Residential home design fits every facet of my passions. I create something from nothing everyday, What’s not to love right?

The Office

My office is online. I am free to work wherever there is an internet connection. I often travel so my office takes shape in a hotel room, on the Kitchen table, or on a job site, but most frequently at my home office in Southern Utah.

And just for fun

Meet another one man show (kinda like me) Mr.Robert Michael Jack. Former lifeguard at the beach turned Canadian border patrol agent.