Hello, it’s true, we may be pretty good at a few things

Simple Plans is a Custom Home Design Studio, therefore as you may have guessed we design awesome house plans ranging from all different styles. We are currently looking for innovative clients that have taken a step or two out of the box and have veered away from traditional “cookie cutter” neighborhoods. We want our work to excite you, with distinction and charisma. Come play along with us as we keep doing what we love.

Here are a few

Custom Home Design

We have specialized in designing awesome homes for clients just like you. Ultimately meshing their dreams of a custom home with their lifestyle.

Unique Pre-Drawn House Plans

Sometimes you may not know exactly what you want until you see it. Be prepared to fall in love with our current and unique house plan line. We strive to design houses that you can walk into and call instantly call home.

Drafting Service

Occasionally we run into the client that finds that perfect plan or layout and determines that they may need just one more bedroom or that they would prefer a different exterior style on that perfect floor plan. We can oblige.