Frequently Asked Questions

What is a Digital Plan?

We offer two types of drawing documents: Paper Plans (printed on 24×36 inch CAD bond paper which we mail to you) and Digital Plans (Adobe.pdf format copies so you can print and or email them.)

What can I expect to receive when I order your plans?

Our plans are designed in accordance with local building and governing codes common to our local region based on the International Residential Code 2012 as put forth by the International Code Council. That said each plan sold may include: Exterior Elevation drawings, Foundation drawings, Floor Plan layouts, Electrical layouts, Roof and Floor Framing layouts, Sections, Notes, and specific details depending on complexity of home. Click here for a typical set of plans.

What Copyright issues can I expect?

Good question. When you purchase our plans you are purchasing the rights to use the plan. You DO NOT own the plan. Each purchase allows for one single use of the plan. Our plans are protected by common copyright laws and such laws will be enforced when found abused. However, unlike others we allow YOU to make as many copies as deemed necessary for single construction and bid preparation.

What is NOT included with your plans?

Simple Plans is not an Architectural or Engineering firm therefore an Architectural or Engineer stamp or seal is not included with the purchase of our plans. Some locations require that a licensed architect or engineer review and approve plans, prior to construction or obtaining a building permit. We strongly advise that you consult your local building official who can tell you if such a review is required.

What about Refunds?

Due to the nature of houseplans (digital and print formats) and the ease of duplication- We can not offer any refunds with a purchase of our plans. The old adage applies “Measure twice cut once.” Make sure the houseplan you order is the houseplan you plan on building.

Can you make changes to any of your plans?

Yes. We can make any changes you prefer. Changes are billed hourly. Exterior Elevation changes are quite simple to make and take little time. Moving walls and rearranging spaces affect all plans and take more time. If that one plan is missing a key detail please call or email.

Are there additional costs?

No there are NO additional costs when purchasing a houseplan from Simple Plans. The price you see at checkout is the price you pay. With that being said, there are several variables that you may need to be aware of in order to attain a building permit from your local governing body. You will receive the Architectural Construction Documents that detail how to build the houseplan you have chosen. Different governing bodies use the same code but may require additional details to accompany the Architectural Drawings that we provide you.

Why Paypal? Do I need a PayPal account to order your plans?

First, No you do not need a PayPal account to pay for our plans via PayPal. Second, PayPal is a market leader for payment processing. They provide bank level encryption for all payments proccessed, they take responsibility for your financial information, I am able to accept international currencies and they provide fraud checking services as well. Both yours and my interests are secured.

How long have you been in business?

Over 10 years. We have designed hundreds of homes throughout the country most of which have been here locally in Southern Utah. At its peak in 2005-2006 St. George Utah was the second fastest growing metropolitan area in the United States, with that came much competition and cutting edge residential design. We like to think that we had a hand in that growth. In 2006 our studio produced 64 Construction document sets for building permits.

Do you provide material lists or cost breakdown lists?

No we do not. We recommend using a local material supplier, or contacting a local building contractor to help supply accurate numbers for construction costs.